well boys and girls

my name lynn my friends call me sluty lynn cuz a lov been a dirty slut to boys or girls ( mostly girls cuz uz kno how giv me a gd time lol ) a lov takin pic of myself and hope uz like them and tell me wot u think

goin b takin lots more pic cumin soon and mayb a few cheeky vids if a get time

but hope hear from uz soon :)

my friend just join hunny hive so plz go and say hi (sexykele ) she stunnin :)

thanx boys for all ur msg and sum of them r getin me wet y i read them, think am goin hav alot fun on this site, so plz tell me wot uz wood like to c in my new pic and a try my best and take sum for uz

rite boys I'm sellin my msn/skype address for £20 and wore sexy underwear for uz to smell as u wank ova my pic for £30 just msg me

ps boys plz giv me time 2 msg uz bk, there that many of uz and am tryin my hardest to get bk to uz all so plz dnt b cheeky if a dnt msg u bk rite this min cuz any more cheeky msg then a not msg uz bk so plz giv me time here


work in daddy office
takin pic of maself
Body type:
Dress size:
Bust size:
Best features:
my bum, best wit a big hard cock in it :)

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Verified31, Bisexual, Female, glasgow, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

cant believe i hav a young 18yr old sub slut gf :) i love it she does wot she told :) x


rote all uz sexy boys and girls my sexy pal on here (sexykele) doin a sky dive for charity and iam tryin to help her get sponsors and all u need to do is just txt grfc73 £5 to 70070 i will love u if u do x


that all my photos and vid down to 2 credits and if lot ppl view them!!! i will add alot more x


need new sexy underwear, any1 wood like to buy me new underwear sets or buy my old wet underwear so i can buy new sexy set x

hi boys, i need all ur help to help my sexy friend sexykele!!!! she tryin to same £5k for new bigger boobs and hopin all uz can help her and in return ur get Over £25 u will get lots of naughty photo of her! Over £50 u will get her phone number with her photos! Over £75 u will get her skype addy and i will do anything on cam! Over £100 u can meet her in person and over £200 u can meet her sexykele and mefor a 3sum so hope u can help her out x


cum on boys and girls, rate me and msg wot u think of my pic ???

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Love the photos x

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lookin good babes we owtta meet up and get a vid done ;) xxx

merry xmas all uz sexy girl and naughty boys x


who want to giv me a bigh hard cock in my ass x

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i would love to be balls deep in your ass xxx

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wot bout me sexy im so hard for u xx

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ME !

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i would love a piece of your fine ass xxx

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Now tht I would take great pleasure in anytime :) x

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drop the price on the pic boys hope uz enjoy x

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You def need to upload more pics v hot x

cum on guyz, it was uz that ask for more pi and uz not went to view them

that more my new naughty pic uz boys been askin, so hope u go and enjoy them

bored and horny, sum1 cum help me x


where all the naughty boys today x


any boys want to buy my msn addy, skype or any of my sexy underwear!!! send me a msg and we sort sumthing out


ppl uz need start RATING my profile and my pic if u want more pic?

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All pics rated :) xx

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hav u went look at my other pic and vid hun x

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Not yet but I will do soon :) xx