Hi. Im Shane. I like to esperience new things. i am always up to try anything new. always try anything once. only way to know if you like it or not in my opoinion, no matter what it is :). only on here really to find lovely people to talk to :) preferably girls :). look forwards to chatting to all you amazing people :) x


work at a american sweet shop warehouse
anything. no matter what :) as long as it fun :)
5ft 5 ish
9&1/2 stone
Body type:
i say average
Best features:
dont no you tell me?
left eat

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was online today
21, Straight, Male, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Anyone want to talk on Skype or text?

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Girl with a pearl gotta be the hottest girl on here

shane1992 uploaded new photos to My Album

Hey! im naked!

this site seems dead now... what happend?

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I was thinking its quiet but I am new to using it, I have lots of photos pending so maybe thats why a lot of people don't use it so much?

all the people that are good to talk to keep leaving!

Anyone on myfreecams? if so email me your page and i can take alook.x

wish i had more messages! i have ran out, sad times.x

I am so bored...

would any on here meet up with someone on here?

Had a hard on all day, need somone to help me with it.x

so horny! whos got a good sex story they could message me.. ifs its real its better ;)

anyone got skype and wants to play a little game?

am so horny atm! i licked a girls arse out last night and it wasnt that bad!

In the bath, while on here... not bad.x

bored :(. need someone to talk to!.x