Nice guy from Scotland up, cooking, reading amoung other things!

I've an interest in Ufo's, Space & that sort of thing, hit me with any show about UFO's & I've probably watched it lol

I currently have Ray Donovan & The Walking Dead on my planner

How girls are on here as a person & in how they describe themselves, means more to me than how hot they're.


Football ,Boxing,music,Guitar
Dark Brown
6 feet
13 stone
Body type:
Best features:
yes my ear is pierced

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26, Straight, Male, London, United Kingdom

Admin any update on why the sites not working for me?

Weird seeing a 71 year old on here trying to get his end away lol

Admin you've had your fun let me be able to comment & msg people again thanks!

It's pretty sad Admin runs the fake Katerina account goddammit pointed it out, I told a girl & since I can no longer comment or MSG what a joke! Sites Not about the girls its all about admin

Admin quit fucking with my account! Allow me to send comments & Messages again, sites a joke the girls get robbed on here!

The amount of guys on here faking with 6 PAC & big cock pics is sad! Who you lot kidding? Grow up!

I can do fuck all on this! Pic & profile comments don't send WTF!

Naughtyleaax is unreal!

Sites a joke! My comments don't go through on pics & profiles & old one's have disappeared!

What's up with the site? Comments I send don't seem to reach the person & one's I put in the past are gone

Anyone else having comments they sent to others in the past disappear? I'm talking loads even to people that's not signed on in a while

Not Roddy! RIP Roddy Piper ):

What's the secret in getting lots of referrals?

Feel for the real girls! Fakes get rated higher please use your brains guy, surely you can see which girls are fake?

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Whats the point telling people they don't listen bruv.


Updated my profile & it changed back to what it was before I last updated wtf?