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Now under Scottishboy88, account here stopped functioning for some reason unknown to admin, the referral system is my hunch


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28, Straight, Male, London, United Kingdom

Merry Christmas x

Someone faking the library girl lol

Still here Juicylucy21 & still a fan x

Sites falling apart girls not getting paid & me & probably others not being able to send comments & messages,

Misslola aka Lola Marie her porn videos are amazing!

When will admin fix this site? It's a joke 4 months since I was last able to do anything

The site not working for anyone else?

Return after a few weeks & the sites still not working, its been about 2 months now admin

Admin any update on why the sites not working for me?

Weird seeing a 71 year old on here trying to get his end away lol

Admin you've had your fun let me be able to comment & msg people again thanks!

The amount of guys on here faking with 6 PAC & big cock pics is sad! Who you lot kidding? Grow up!

I can do fuck all on this! Pic & profile comments don't send WTF!

Naughtyleaax is unreal!

Sites a joke! My comments don't go through on pics & profiles & old one's have disappeared!