Well I'm 20 and work in the adult industry, as well as having a "normal" life.

I guess you could describe me as a bit rock / alternative, but I am 100% kinky!!

Do website work, DVDs as well as none adult modelling without the mask and the mystery!

I am 100% genuine. Have a trusted photo. Guys...when will you realise....there is no point to a girl being on here without a trusted photo. They can't earn anything. Be ware of the fakes!!



Performer / Model ? Mystery
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Both - Lots of them

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was online today
Verified20, Bisexual, Female, Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Admin are useless at dealing with fakes. Could it be because they get to keep the money spent on fake profiles???? YES!!!


Any of you chatting to new user GENUSCAMELUS might want to google that name. You might see the "trusted" pic he has photoshopped. Another sad faker!!!


GIRLS....if you get a message from a guy called PACER claiming to be a photographer, avoid him. Gets very rude when refused. ( Happy to share messages with anyone that he contacts! )

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My point proved with the comment he just left!!! All this because I asked him what rates of pay he was offering lol. He is 35 years old and behaves like a teenager who is told they can't go out!

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as am I. especially from someone claiming to be in the adult scene/entertainment and does not even show their face or stage name to look up their authenticity


Anyone onlne tonight? x

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I am! I am! do you KIK?

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I am! I am! hehehe do you KIK?

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No, I'm not 12 or a guy pretending to be a girl, sorry! x

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OK, no worries just looking for somwhere to chat with ya and get to know ya

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You can do that here.

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Girls be aware of a user called muffinman. He is using a pic of an american model and pretending he works in the adult industry. He doesn't!


Makes me laugh. SO many fake accounts on here and guys are ALL over them lol. Use your brains chaps, not your balls!!! lol


Its very quiet! Whos online?


Any girls looking for well paid adult video work? Message me x

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whats the work hunn?

What a boring afternoon! ANYONE online?

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Yup x

Whos online???

Genuinely just spoken to the most stupid person I have ever come across in my life.

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Excluding me haha fantastic :P

Anyone online? Feel free to message me :D...

If you have a car as your profile pic....JUST NO!!!!! lol


Really need someone to look after me in this weather ;)

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What you need is a sugar daddy ;) x

NEW VIDEOS available now!!!! Let me know what you think.