I have a little rant and rave now and again and have one now I've been on this site for over 6 months now and still have no fans or comments! What is a guy to do apart from give comments out and nobody takes the slightest interest.

Ok rant over with, I appreciate the female body and everything that comes with that, I don't care what your body shape is or how you look. I have the highest sex drive know to man and can't help that.

Guys laugh and joke about what I have written by all means but to be perfectly honest I couldn't give a shit about pass off comments, I have broad shoulders.

If you like what you see then please say and fan that's all I ask enjoy the pics to!


Ask me I don't bite
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was online today
36, Straight, Male, London, United Kingdom

This site is in pure turbo clip

Evident that admin have their heads up there ass, privates haven't been updated for months now, shocking!

Well it's official this site has gone right down the pan, admin's, admin is up their hoop no new private pics for 2 months, it's not acceptable, you are letting every single girl down on this site, no wonder they are leaving and fakes are appearing!!


Horny as hell anyone want to help out?

Ok so thinking out loud are admin going to pay back credits to those that have purchased private albums made by fakes? Essentially cheating the people that buy them and the real women on here


Just fucked a Mexican girl, showed her the best of British,(squirt central)

Redhead01 looks like Brooke18 board of this now

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It is definitely her for sure. Ugh. Why why why ! Haha =/

Is discontented with the hive there are too many fake profiles on here and old pics being used can anybody else spot this? Admin square your shit away


Why oh why have admin let another fake profile get on here shellbounce has the same pics as another 2 profiles on here WTF!


Omgitsme and Laura Joanne are the same pics I mean what the fuck admin sort it or your not getting another penny out of me

Why do I fucking bother!!!

No new comments that's pretty boring!

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You sound like you need a good woman to take all of that boredness away babe xx

Ho ho ho Merry Christmas everybody! X

Too many catfishes genuine people only!