Paige - 19 - Trying to break into modelling :)

I don't have kik or snapchat please don't ask for them,

I am a generally nice and smiley person, please be polite when you message me, any rude messages will just be reported/blocked :) xx



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Urgh, another broken phone... I've been told I should switch to an android one? Or should I stick with iphone?? :)


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Is Netflix worth signing up to??

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yes. you should ask for someone here to buy it for you

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god yes

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For a wee while, I had it and decided to give it up as there were never any new things. Depends how much is there on our trial that you like, but don`t hold your breath waiting on things getting added. I had amazon prime too, and was very unimpressed when something I was watching one day turned into something I had to pay for the next!

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it is when u invite someone over :P haha x

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My opinion no, not for the money anyway x

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The American one, British Netflix is kinda whack

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New private album up :)


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Boobs or bum.... what do you want to see?? :D

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But definitely

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such a tough choice but I'm gonna say bum please :)

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Both of them :) xxx

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Boobs babe ;)

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im back... did you miss me?? ;)

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Oh so much. You're amazing

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So very much!!!

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Stunning. Definitely in my top 3 favourites on here x

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Rain rain go away

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actually love rain, when I'm in a tent or parked car :)

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Yeah, not when im trying to go out on a night out though! ;p


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Just added some new photos but they aren't showing :'(


Who wants more photos?? :D

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Oh hell yeah that would be nice :)

Can't wait to watch better call saul! Anyone else watching it??

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Yeah it brilliant same as breaking bad that was also brilliant :)

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