My name is Lauren thank u everyone for beconing a fan of mine I wont fail to dissapoint you ... when I reach 1000 fans (yn) I will then add a private album so I will be working on it to make it the best I can the wait will be worth it :)
My work I find is tasteful its not slutty in my opinion:) I just wanna say a big thank u for people keeping me in the top 20.
Hopefully I will be in zoo magazie and page three :) feel free to drop me a message I will reply to all :) love u all :)


waitress and barmaid
horse riding
medium and brown
5ft 3
Body type:
Dress size:
Bust size:
Waist size:
Best features:
boobs legs bum
belly pierced, ears pierced

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was online this week
20, Bisexual, Female, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

missdyer16 uploaded new photos to me !

hey guys im bak lets boost me to the top x

mart71's avatar

Lovely seeing you back xxx

Cab1990's avatar

Been a long time since you have been on here how have you been :)

LeedsLad85's avatar

Celebrate with new photos ;) xx

hey girls xxx

LeedsLad85's avatar

What about boys hmmmm ;)
Not seen you in too long xx

missdyer16 uploaded new photos to me !

im bak people xxx

leeadkins's avatar

welcome back x

Pedro85's avatar

Hey beautiful, how've you been? :) x

Cab1990's avatar

What position are you now :)

Cab1990's avatar

What position are you in now ;)

Wolfie's avatar

Good! We missed ya! :D

Cab1990's avatar

About time missed you :)

omg im number 1 :) thank u everyone xxxxx

kelyt's avatar

well done beautiful ! ! jealous :( x x

TomBell's avatar

congratulations beautiful :) xxx

mart71's avatar

That's fab :)

Cab1990's avatar

Yes let's keep you at the top spot :) x

missdyer16 uploaded new photos to me !

cant believe im now number two :0 one more step :) ;)♡♥

Cab1990's avatar

You will get number 1 :) x

lets ger me to number one guys and girl :) xxx

worcslee's avatar

Have rated you, keep the pics coming :P x

Cab1990's avatar

Don't worry you will soon be number 1 where you belong :)

craigmanc2010's avatar

yeah same im at number 2 lol


check out my pics xxx

Cab1990's avatar

Seen them all phwaa could look through all day love :D

Lione's avatar

Loved them

Andylord1987's avatar

Gladly hun :) . All day long hehe.

wow im 5th on the site :) thank u all my fans whobhave commentes and rated on my pics :) xxx

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Congrats babe..... lets get you to number 1!!

missdyer16 uploaded new photos to me !

rate rate rate boys and girls ♥


like and comment on this status if u are a big fan of me :) ♡

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Defo :D

foregate's avatar

How can anyone not be a fan off you. You're really beautiful.

TomBell's avatar

Im officially your biggest fan x

dhardrock's avatar

I'm a huge fan ;) xxx

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I am a very big fan of you :P x

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few new photos up please leave a comment xx

leeadkins's avatar

very nice, can see you at no1 shortly x

Joby1981's avatar

Wow! I'm new here and hope all the girls are as hot as you! xxx