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was online today
Verified25, Straight, Female, england, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

as ive been waiting months for my private videos to be approved i wont be uploading them onto here nomore as still pending.. so if anyone wants private videos or photos please message me or email me because the admins clearly dont care about this site this nomore.i Will most likely go back to my other sites aka purpleport,fetlife and modelmayhem as getting nowhere on here.. thanks to all my fans love you all x

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private albums won't be accepted anymore, the admin has gone awol and left the site to die

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What's your fetlife user name? I'd love to see more pictures.

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can i make you a free advert on our site :) ?
Have a great day. Let me know anytime.

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Sure x

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Out of the three you mentioned which is best ?

wish admin would approve my videos uploaded those about a week and abit ago :(


mercedes21 uploaded new photos to New Toy x

sorry not been on here while got no internet and eats my data like mad.. also recently split up from 5.5year rship so building my home and life from scratch again x

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what a comeback! stunning new pictures,well done! Great body and looking healthy for a mother :)

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sending hugs - onwards & upwards like a phoenix reborn stronger than before

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Oh shit! hopefully things will sort itself out

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hope you are ok sexy x

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Sorry to hear that, keep your chin up and smile. X

bloody hell finally recovered my account back only taking 4weeks grrrr x

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what happened??

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Haven't a clue the but couldn't get into my acc for ages

mercedes21 uploaded new photos to Halloween 2016

halloween shoot done.. pics be up tomos or monday


arghhh cant wait got a halloween shoot in 2 weeks got my costume cant wait to upload and show all u lovely woman and men ;)


so sorry ive not been on guys and girls i had am operation ago about 2 1/2weeks ago to remove an ectopic pregnancy i had my left tube removed i didnt no i was even pregnant.. also have endometriosis (google it) been having few shoots but nothing to update my portfolios... got one on sat so will update monday xx thank u all for the messages comments etc i love u all xxxx

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Oh shit,you've been through the wars :( Good to see you well enough to do shoots :)

once i sell two more albums i will upload some new images private and public you dont wanna miss them... just have to buy private albums ;) x


comment for a follow... i will fan u ❤❤

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Followed... Thank you x

Mature image

Wat amazing pics u have x

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Followed x

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Perfect body x

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Followed x

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r.i.p to my foster mum who passed away today at 12:30.. after battling cancer for 2yrs it took over her body like a rash she gained her angel wings... love you nillions motherduck.. will try my best to upload some private and public photos.. but for now me and my family are grieving for such an amazing woman who shouldnt have got this horrible thing in the first place xx my worldie fly high xx

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was just reading through some of your comments .... don't know how long ago this was put up here but sends you huge hugs because I can relate in that lost my mother to Cancer ... no matter how long they have been gone you never forget but it does get easier though you will still have moments where you break down ... once again huge hugs for you x

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This was back in march this year thank you... Still hard thinking about x

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There's no time limit on grief - I'm here if you need to talk or just offload

like this if you would like me to follow you... got halloween shoot coming soon... hate xmas time its so expensive and takes up all my time :( working 24/7

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i am following now ive signed up Thanks for the link

sorry not been on for while... been in hospital with my son,, and now im loaded with a cold... feeling rather crap.. and been modelling and doing promotions alot and xmas shopping x

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Hope you and your son are well now!!