Im a 25 year old amateur glamour model looking for both work, and to maybe meet some new people. Feel free to message me. I dont really know what else to put so if you want to know anything just ask :) x


Lucy Greenwood
Receptionist and P/T Model
Modelling, Shopping, Nights out :)
Body type:
Dress size:
Bust size:
30 C
Best features:
My legs or my bum. You decide!! lol
Yes, on my lower back

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30, Bisexual, Female, Leeds, United Kingdom

Sorry ive been away (due to a short and not very sweet 'relationship' haha), but im back now!!!!

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Good to see your sexy self back ;) x

olorin2000's avatar

welcome back! xxx

My god what has it come to when you end up on sex chat roulette!?! Haha

nakor's avatar

what si that?

Do any girls on here do cam with other girls??

saradoll's avatar

yeah i do..

kinkykerrie's avatar

yeaa hun xx


Anyone still awake??

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IANLOUTH's avatar

Yer im babe..x


Quiet on here for a friday!!

lemarlemar's avatar

Everyone's gobbling on chocolate I guess... X

Amazing how some people just cant take no for an answer!!! Grrr :(


Is there anything better than porn on a Thursday afternoon?? lol

andeegaj's avatar

Sex? Am sure thats better lol. X

Johnny59's avatar

having an orgy maybe

jayjay1's avatar

Sex while watching porn is good ;) x

lucy87's avatar

Yeh the 'copy what they're doing' game haha

jayjay1's avatar

Always lots of fun ;) x

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Nope unless you can have sex on a Thursday afternoon lol. What kind of porn are you watching?

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anyone still up??? :/

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I'm up.....and luuuuurving your profile, beyond gorgeous, you're in the right industry xx


.....and to add to that, probably the best boobs ive ever seen! Hahaha

lucy87's avatar

Not on the same person btw lol :P

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Who do they belong to? I could do with a good perv... Lol x

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hot profile


Its official....ive seen the greatest bum of all time today on here. Just....wow!! Hahaha

Is everyone asleep or what?? Lol

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Still up x

holden164's avatar

not yet :)

Also im struggling replying to comments, so if youve asked where to send them just post the pic on your profile and let me know :)


Just wanted to say thanks for your tribute pics so far guys, still not got many though!!! :( xxx

Ok so how about a tribute picture contest?? The best one gets an evening on skype with me! We can talk about weather and politics and stuff ;)

Fosters13's avatar

This still going on ?, and are you changing private pics to free for it ? Xxx

I really like the idea of a tribute picture, ive been promised them before but never got them :(