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I'm Sophie and I'm a kinky little slut :3 I'm masochistic and submissive (hens the bruises/scratches and stuff in some of my photos ;D ). I'm interested in Domination, submission, pet play, rape play, masochism, sadism, orgasm denial and bondage.
I want to be used and abused :3
I love being choked, spanked, slapped, bitten, scratched, grabbed, thrown about, and having my hair pulled. I want to test my masochistic boundaries.
I'm interested in trying pretty much anything. I've done anal, had a threesome, I've done breath play, water bondage, I love being tied up and being used as a your own personal sex toy ;)
There have been a few fakes on here of me but this is my only official account!
If you have any suggestions for private photos or private videos let me know!
I try to reply as much as possible but it is difficult!
Message me and check out my privates ;)
1) Will you have sex with me? No, I don't meet up.
2) Will you come and do photo shoots/ videos? No. Sorry.
3) Was your 3some MMF or MFF? It was MFF.
4) Do a video of you getting fucked? Maybe
5) Anal photoset? Probably coming soon :)
6) Do you have kik? No I don't.
7) Skype? No
8) Do cam shows? Yes, I'm kitten_sophie on myfreecams and also the same on chaturbate
9) Are you real?! Yes I'm real! :L x
10) Where in Essex are you from? It doesn't matter :))))
11) Can I meet you? No! I'm very concerned for my safety :L :)


Cam girl/ tumblr whore
Tumblr, weed, music, sex.
I'm about 6 stone 11.
Body type:
Super little! :P
Dress size:
Tiny haha
Bust size:
Waist size:
Best features:
Hair? ;D
Nipple pierced. Lip pierced. Belly button pierced. Ears pierced. No tats yet.

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Verified22, Bisexual, Female, Essex, Essex, United Kingdom

Got a new photoset and video pending guys!!! <3

clintdelicious's avatar

can't wait ;) x

holden164's avatar

Cant wait :) x

AceOfBass's avatar

Why are you so perfect!? :3

littlesophie uploaded new photos to Photos

littlesophie uploaded new photos to Photos

HELLO EVERYONE! I'm back from a little break haha! How is everyone?!

Firebird2013's avatar

We guys want more content for 2014!!

fredrikothomas's avatar

get some picks of u sucking dick!!! xx

Fbird2014's avatar

check out her tumblr page (what ever they call it lol) it's mega awesome!! :)

Aldo84's avatar

missed you lots xx

MrX1990's avatar

You are my favourite on here

holden164's avatar

Awesome now that you're back x

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New little video + album pending :)))

ghostdriver666's avatar

Good luck with your revision xxx

littlesophie's avatar

Thankyou darling x

Sorry for not replying to any messages today, I'm revising because I'm such a good girl :) Will reply later :( xx


Seeing my boyfriend tomorrow, and we will HOPEFULLY be taking some photos...if you know what I mean ;)

Firebird2013's avatar

yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah!!! ;)

DownAttention's avatar

Such a lucky guy. I am jealous *sigh*

foregate's avatar

Yay :) can't wait to see them :)

Bet the two of you will be having some great fun together.

Quick new album if anyone wants a look :) xx

AshBash's avatar

I would love to see an album (or video) of you with a big vibrator (or your boyfriend! haha, well... even a girl ;) x

littlesophie's avatar

I don't have a big vibrator! Wish I did :(

alfa7777's avatar

What do you have in mind, i'm sure there's a safe way to send to you.

DJadamB's avatar

check out my photos babe x

/registry/wishlist/2YGTY3LWYBJ1L is my Amazon wishlit btw if anyone is curious <3 xxxx


A huge huge huge thank-you to Jase81 for buying me some gorgeous underwear from my Amazon wishlist! <3 xxxx


Think I might upload some more photos for you all ;)


I don't suppose any of you gorgeous people would like to buy me some Ann Summers lingerie? ;)

foregate's avatar

I probably would :) what kind are you thinking off?

littlesophie's avatar

I'm not sure it's possible as I'd have to give my address so stick to the Amazon wishlist I suppose <3 xx

Just reduced the price of my video if anyone wants to get it before I put it up again :)


If you could all up rate me that'd be great as it'll get me more fans and so I'll have to make more videos and albums! ;) xx

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Loving the new extras Hun x


I'm so scared for if someone recognises me for here or from my old blog on Tumblr in real life! I wouldn't know what to say!

jonnyboywales's avatar

Same x

jayjay1's avatar

well if you have it flaunt it ;) xx

foregate's avatar

I'm sure no one will come up to you and embarase you :)

Firebird2013's avatar

yeah that's why i won't upload pics of myself!! i'm stealth mode lol