Hi, I'm Danny, I run a company called Lancashire Photographers and basically we do shoots, photos and videos, and pitch them to various magazines and work too.

If you want to get into modelling or want to do some more, whether its fully clothed or even pornos (yes, we can arrange this!), get in touch! Send me a message on here.

And no money changes hands until we get a buyer for the work. So you don't pay me and I don't pay you. Once I've pitched it to the various outlets, if they want to take it, I will pay you 90% of the fees and I take 10%.

And if its your first time, I can be very easy to work with and can help you out :-)


Lancashire Photographers
Best features:
Size of my camera ;)

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28, Bisexual, Male, Bolton, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Sick of my pics being deleted :-(

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