I'm just a girl from Brazil , who is shy and curious about things here :)

I don't really like that people here just look at the photos and don't talk . It's nice if you look but also you should say hello to me :)


Administration . it's boring
Body type:
curvy but not enough :(
Best features:
my imagination ;)

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was online today
30, Female, Brazil

i'm so boredddddd here

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where are you now sexy baby xx

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kik me zailor6969 xx beautiful eyes

nasty girl :/

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Who's being nasty to you sweetheart? x

this site became so rubbish . nobody like to chat . . is it just for pervs now ?

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I can chat and perv at the same time ;-) multi tasking at degree level ha ha ha

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why dont you answer messages then??? :P

bubbaearl's avatar

love to chat

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Isn't that just like the world though?!!

Anyway, I'm new here, and you're gorgeous - so I'd love to chat with you. :) x

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I know what u mean hun. How are u doing?

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I'm new and find this very strange. Far too many pervs haha

sometimes i forget about this site then i come back and feel really excited * blushes *


weekendddddd :D soon x x

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yes...... time to party :) x

feel used by some people on this site :(

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Why's that hunny? Are you alright gorgeous? Xx

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some people they chat once then they just ignore you especially if they got what they want . . i used to think it was just the guys :S

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Oh sorry to hear that Kely, cant see why anyone would ignore you, i think your lovely ;) I do get what you mean though, im ignored most the time on here lol maybe there just jealous of how attractive you are ;) xx

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I know how you feel girl. This is first time I've been back on in weeks because of the same reason.

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thankss everybody :)

kelyt uploaded new photos to kely

ugh sleazy guys on here . don't write something to me that you would be scared to say in a bar if we met :S


omg it says i'm the top girl for my age this week ! thanks everyone i guess lol :) you made my morning at work better . but i'm still bored so come say hi ok x x

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Hi gorgeous x

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hi :)

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Sorry no reply before, had to get back to work :( already had an extra half hour lol

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thats ok :) i never want to go back after a break lol

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Me either lol would much rather check you out some more ;) x

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hehe thankss well i guess theres no rule against it :P

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kelyt uploaded new photos to kely <3