hiya im kay im from essex im a fun bubbly girl im on bbm msn and email if u wanna get to no me more just drop me a message lil.miss.kayrs is my skype


mi nurse
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14 tattoos noise and ears pierced

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was online today
29, Straight, Female, essex, Essex, United Kingdom

kayrs uploaded new photos to oct 2014

its bloody frezzing my nipples r rock hard

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Perhaps I could take them in my mouth? ;) x

stu1ee's avatar

i will happily warm them up for you :)

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Bby come here n I will warm them up 4 u .. n if u want we can tease the others

heraldo's avatar

Mm lovely image ;) x

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Lice cubes(below)...really? lol do you get them from the top draw in the Fleazer

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Be right over, get the Iice cubes ready xx

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thanks for the birthday messages for who sent them x

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Hope u enjoyed your pressent ;)

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Did you see JasonW's status about you Kay

kayrs's avatar

No :(

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Have a look please :)

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Just tried can't c any thing get him to message me

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i asked him too and he said he just did :)

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is today over wht a shit bday :(

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Happy belated birthday sexy

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happy birthday beautiful xx

my birthday 2moz really cant be bothered been let down by every one :(

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I want to make ur birthday good

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Hugs I haven't let u down have I

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aww would love to treat u babe if I felt better x

kayrs uploaded new photos to innocent in sep

kayrs uploaded new photos to innocent in sep

amzing how fast things can change

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N its amazing just how beautiful u r n how lucky ur fella is

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Well me .... I hope

why do men all seem to play lil games hmmmm

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No1 is playing games, people r just jealous n cant stand tobsee othera happy

kayrs's avatar

Yer but when u like someone and others just stick there ore in people get hurt big time


kayrs uploaded new photos to innocent in sep

whos up x

Itchyfeetrst's avatar

Looking at your pics always gets me up babe ;) xx

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I'm up x

dhardrock's avatar

I am

bored so adding few new snaps x

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keep them coming :P always nice see you clothed or unclothed xx

kayrs uploaded new photos to chilling

maybe about time I close this down if thts the kinda reaction I get off people

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Report any idiots giving abuse then block them. A lot of decent guys on here who will show you respect :) x

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booo nooo

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I'd say ignore them hunni. x

feels so nice when some tells ur a slut thanks for tht one mate!

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Ignore them Kay,they're just fucking idiots who don't deserve anything from you,not your time or effort.You're stunning Kay and don't you ever forget that ♥ ♥

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Still hurts ya no coz I have a naughty side makes me slut does it x

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