hiya im kay im from essex im a fun bubbly girl im on bbm msn and email if u wanna get to no me more just drop me a message lil.miss.kayrs is my skype


mi nurse
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14 tattoos noise and ears pierced

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was online this week
29, Straight, Female, essex, Essex, United Kingdom

bored of cleaning bit wide awake x

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I'll keep you boredom free ;-) x

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jog?? that always makes me wanna sleep

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Not sure ud be safe this time of night x

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its 12pm here, I guess I should consider the timezone :)

kayrs's avatar

1.36 am lol

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haha yeah maybe no jogging. I can tell you about the time I came to be in possession of my lucky hat....that'll put you to sleep :)

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never wanna drink again lol xx

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Until next weekend


wow this bath feels so gd x

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Need any help washing your back :D xx enjoy Kay you deserve it xx

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U enjoying it x

cant sleep any one up x


cant sleep x

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yeah, I share that feeling miss :/

its nice to know how perthtic some girls on hear are yes im not a size ten I have curvs and any reall man will tell u lilkitty thts how a woman should look so less of the fat cunt messages

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Girls with curves... mmm x

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Thanks I agree men don't want bones dogs wants bones lol x

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Ignore the idiots. You are hot! :) xx

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You are very sexy. X

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Ur gorgeous just how u r x

marry xmas to all my fans hope santa spoills u all try not to stuff ya selfs to much x

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I love a good stuffing lol xx

kayrs's avatar

Who don't x

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I love to give a good stuffing haha. xxx

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Merry Christmas Kay,Hope you have a beautiful day,you deserve it xx

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merry xmas babe xx

wide awake juay cant switch off :(


kayrs uploaded new photos to hair cut for xmas 2014

I would like my nails and hair cute ready for xmas but not gonns hsppen afer sorting out every ones gifts ohhh well maybe next time ill treat myself lol x

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You should alway look after your self first

kayrs's avatar

Nop had to get the god kids sorted x

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I hope1 treats you well

kayrs uploaded new photos to dec 20014 xx

kayrs uploaded new photos to dec 20014 xx

kayrs uploaded new photos to new toys 2014

who wants to be my santa I really want a puppy for xmas even seen the one I want hehe any takers ill be one happy lil lady xx

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check your inbox

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I think santa has been

new pics amd vid up for my fans x