hiya im kay im from essex im a fun bubbly girl im on bbm msn and email if u wanna get to no me more just drop me a message lil.miss.kayrs is my skype


mi nurse
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14 tattoos noise and ears pierced

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was online today
28, Straight, Female, essex, Essex, United Kingdom

kayrs uploaded new photos to bath

kayrs uploaded new photos to bubble bath

kayrs uploaded new photos to bubble bath

wow site ranks me number one of my age wow thank u for the votes people truley made my day huge smile now x

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Your new pics,have just made you go off the scale for sexiness,you look stunning covered in bubbles :P xx

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Thank you for visiting my profile Kay ♥ ♥ xx

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Very well deserved your stunning pics have certainly caught my attention Kay xx

kayrs uploaded new photos to few new 2014


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added xx

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Love to get to know more about you Kay,question? 14 tattoos where and will we see them all :P xx

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Added you babe ;) x

am i bored nuf to go on skype hmmmm

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Depends........ you could have some fun on there ;) x

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could make some gd money lol

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That too lol x

phone broke so no bbm

cant sleep :(

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I'd cuddle with you and hold you until you fell asleep :) xx

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can i help?x

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How come? Xx

csnt sleep!!!!


wow just rolled in bang bang hard core


kayrs uploaded new photos to 2014

healing well after op wont be long till im bk

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How is the knee now Kay,sorry for being late,but i only just saw this,Your pics distracted me :P

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good! can't wait to see more of you! xx

op went well healing really well wont be long till im bk out woopwoop


knee op in few hrs feeling sick :(

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oh no babe, sure it will be ok! x

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It will go just fine and bounce back soon sexy Kay..look forward to getting to know you more! xx HS

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Hope it all went ok. Us medical peeps make the worst patients. I think we know too much lol x

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Good luck, I hope it all goes well xxx