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28, Straight, Male, dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Handy to for spotting fakes here, if her bio says bisexual, she's a fake

Who cares if most if the girls here are fake, you can spot the fakes in an instant, and find their pics on other sites. It's all wank material anyway, I only buy privates from genuine girls, and I discover other hot cunt from the fakes, win win


Should be a feature ago the girls can see what credits guys have, so the girls can use their womanly charms to get the credits for themselves

man i've some horn on me today, had 5 wanks already and it's still rock hard

any guy want their cock sucked?


every hunnyhive comment. Girl: "Had a nice dinner tonight" Guy: "huh huh, I wish you were having dinner with me, lol" all fucking day long the same shit


Quality fuck last night

Is there one genuine piece of cunt on this site, or is every single cunt a fake here? is the odd real whore every now and then too much to ask? to pay for?


always nice to see some older cunt joining up here


Chubby mature cunt really turns me on these days, I'm getting boners walking past the bingo hall :)


there should be a "show girl with a trusted photo" option in the search

there sound be a show girls with a trusted photo option in the search


what's with all the "themed" girls joining recently, snakes and cars, i smell bullshit

we need a option to be able to favourite pics of cunt we like


with the odd exception here and there, the quality of the cunt joining up here lately has been very poor