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Verified22, Female, London, United Kingdom

Can someone purchase my mesh crop top photoset for 1 credit so I can reach payout on here and close my account thanks?

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It's become such a creepy website. No updates and I've been on here for 5 years as well! Hard to believe I used to enjoy this website.

Removing racist comments and penis display pictures should be a thing on here...

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you are wow

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the racist comments I can def agree with xx

This website is full of fake girls now it's really creepy...

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Tell me about it, I can't stand fakes. The bloke over the road is now calling himself a plumber! Cant believe it. I first knew him when he was doing dodgy patios and ripping off old women the f*ckin idiot and I bet he hasent got any GNVQs neither..... disgusting

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How much does 1 credit cost you on here?

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Between 60p and a pound each depending on how many you buy

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to buy credits varies depends on how many you buy, but it's between 60p and £1; quite how much that is to withdraw, I have no idea xx

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£1, less if you buy bundles but not much less

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A pound, cheapest you can buy is 5 for £5

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150 £0.60 £90 
60 £0.70 £42  Most popular
25 £0.80 £20 
11 £0.90 £10 
5 £1.00 £5
Left to right - how many credits, how much for each one and total amount

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wow thank you
what is those credits used for? sorry i am new

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I'm 21 today!

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happy birthday

Reached 300 fans today! Thankyou everyone

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Your soo sexy xx ur an amazing girl x


Reached 200 fans today! Thankyou


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