Cum tributes get me off ;) hehe email me yours: emilycosta92 (hotmail)



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25, Bisexual, Female, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Email me your cum tributes gals and boys ;) message me for details ;)


I am willing to send a naughty private pic to those boys AND girls who do a tribute for me ;) hehe

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send me some and i will send them back

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oooh a naughty pic of a naughty girl :P

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there is a good prize :) xx

I'm back! Miss me? ;)

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lol back from where?

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where did you go gorgeous?xx

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welcome back, babes :) xx

97! Soooo close! I will send a special pic to the person who gets me to 100 rates ;) hehe

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Rated lol

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Rated :-)

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103, someone got a nice pic!

If you woke up next to me in bed, what would you do? ;)

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Take a selfie as evidence haha x

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think I was in heaven lol then proceed to make you have the best multiple orgasms of your life xx

emco92 uploaded new photos to Photos

Uploaded a couple of new/old pics I just found on my phone...enjoy ;) hehe


Let's try for 100 rates today! Hehe :) xx

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aww 95 :(

Anybody gonna talk tonight?

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I have messaged you :)

So who wants a reward for getting me to 100 rates? ;) hehe

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Yes please!! X

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me me me lol

Yay over 50! Let's see who can take me to 69? ;) hehe

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go u :) oooh my fav number that haha

Just one more rate on my profile...please?! :)

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Done and done

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Done :)

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if I could again babes I would lol

Got some private pics pending guys and gals ;) let's see if I can get over 50 rates today! Mwah xxx

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Hope they're not pending too long!

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omg private wow can you be any more gorg xxx

Anyone want to send me a cum tribute? Message me for my email :)


Feeling frisky this Friday! ;)

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Looking gorgeous I'll bet :p I'd frisk you any day ha x

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Would love to help out there :P xx