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was online today
39, Straight, Male, Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Morning Girls :D

think im going to give up with this site no one fucking talks


Hey all any girls wanna chat :) looks like another hot day again so come on girls get ya kit off :P lol

hey bexie inbox me :P

Hey any girls wanna chat inbox me and comment and rate my pics :P haha

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Great Photo !!! Hope You masturbate over My Photo baby!!!

craigmanc2016 uploaded new photos to Photos

Afternoon Girls :D

well has to be said it fucking dead on here no one talks lol

Evening girls :D so who wanna comment and rate my pics and ill do same back :)

Afternoon Girls :D

Evening Girls ;)

in the mood to commenting and rate pics so whos first :P comment and rate my pics too girls :D

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you've missed loads of mine lol

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haha iv commented and rated some

Hey Evening Girls :P any girls wanna chat

Happy 420 Everyone :P

Evening Girls :D