hey all yeah im still Single lol

hey all thought i better update this seeing i havnt since i joined which was long time ago lol

well been on here for sometime now im single looking for friends, some fun or maybe girl friend :)

if there is anything u wanna no about me just ask and feel free to comment and rate my pics i will do same back :D

cos dont get many msgs on here if u wanna chat more i do have


just ask for addys or send me yours :D


short dark brown
Body type:
Best features:
you tell me :D

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was online today
37, Straight, Male, Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Morning Girls :)

so whos still up? inbox me :P

Evening all u lil stunners :P any girls wanna chat :D

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Why has someone voting you saying "Good Evening" down??

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dont no there someone about that does that tho and tend to down rate my comments or statuses

gonna remove some of the 18+ off my pics later :)

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yes, do! How can you take the rating off your pics?

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haha :D and yeah u just go to your pics and vids in the top right corner then click on the pic image it showing then it will load up another screen showing all your pics and u can edit them from there

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so who liked this then :D lol

so who thinks i should remove the 18+ off my pics? comment below :P or inbox me

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Yes! xx

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had a feeling u say yes :P lol

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everyone should

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haha yeah i agree :P

Hey girls so who's still up?

hey morning girls so comment on this status if u want me to remove the 18+ on my pics :D

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oh who rated this then lol comment bellow so i no :P or inbox me and tell me haha

so who thinks i should remove the 18+ off my pics?

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i wonder who it was that rated this? lol

Morning All :)

Jamie I'm out of msgs on here too lol

Morning Girls :P

Evening Girls :P

Afternoon Girls :D

hey all any girls wanna chat :) inbox me :D

Evening All u sexy girls :P