I play guitar in a rock band and also do a bit of singing and songwriting, also do a bit of modelling as well for a bit of extra cash and have a couriering business that I work in with my best mate when I have time. I like to travel the country and abroad playing gigs and just to party it up as I get bored of being in one place too long.


Music/partying hard/boxing/gym/meeting new people
Bleached blonde and black, kinda short
Body type:
Athletic and nicely toned
5 tattoos

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was online today
28, Straight, Male, Blackwater/Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Couple new pics up, I finally decided to take the gym seriously and after 2 months I think I've not done bad considering how thin I was before. Also just realised I haven't put a pic up of me with short hair even though it's been cut for ages. Let me know what you think, another 2 months and it's going to be interesting!


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Guys comments of girls pics are such good comedy. Why do they think that most girls like hearing them describing in detail what they want to do to them in bed!? They almost never get a reply, let alone a positive one but still seem to think that they're going to get a reply like 'that's hot! Wana meet up and fuck?'. Don't get me wrong compliments are good, but come on it makes you look like desperate virgins who haven't ever spoken to a girl before!


I just love how smarmy some guys are on this site with their comments. Funny how they always compliment a girls smile in the pics with the most cleavage on show. Come on guys give them some credit at least, they are a lot smarter than you give them credit for. At least choose anything other than the most revealing pic and you might have a shot at coming across as genuine!


Why do guys act so bizarre online and make us all look like a bunch of desperate sex cases? Telling random girls who are strangers to you how nice their tits are, then how big your dick is never gets a 'yeah ok' answer to the next question asking to meet up to fuck so why send it out again to others? Why do they think any girl will say yes, let alone not feel embarrassed for their obvious lack of interacting with womensex to send this stuff out?! Sorry ladies/gay guys, it's not all of us tho!


Hey everyone I lost all my rates and comments when the website changed format the other month so it would really mean a lot if you could take a minute to check my pics out (especially the ones from my adult shoot) and rate/comment if you like them. I'll be happy to return the favour as well. I also lost all my messages incase anyone else though I was ignoring you I wasn't x

Why do guys bother with comments like 'wana swap that for mine?!' (to a pic of a girl with a dildo) or 'I'd love to stick mine right Jo there! :P' at girls bum pics? Despite never getting a reply I see these embarrassing comments loads like they think they will get a reply saying 'yeah ok then let's meet up n screw!' Girls tell me these guys message them similar things and spam them desperate messages/comments asking why they haven't replied. Stop making us boys look like desperate, sad men plz!

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Well said! A lot of the guys on here could learn a thing or two from you x

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Thanks, I'm glad it's not just me that cringes at things like this because it is proper embarrassing. I'm sure these guys are the kind who buy extra content to drool over tho so girls don't want to reply and kill their fans fantasy. I'm just amazed how even the most inexperienced guy thinks this stuff is what a girl wants to hear!?

Ladies! Pics up from my naughty photoshoot. let me know what you think :P


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