I play guitar in a rock band and also do a bit of singing and songwriting, also do a bit of modelling as well for a bit of extra cash and have a couriering business that I work in with my best mate when I have time. I like to travel the country and abroad playing gigs and just to party it up as I get bored of being in one place too long.


Music/partying hard/boxing/gym/meeting new people
Bleached blonde and black, kinda short
Body type:
Athletic and nicely toned
5 tattoos

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28, Straight, Male, Blackwater/Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Tribute pics = insanely creepy and sad. I know girls on here tolerate them to use as a promotional tool to get other weird guys to buy content, but come on lads sort it out. Send one to a girl who's already mad about you then guess what? She moves postcode and changes her name, maybe rings the bill even, because it's weird yes. Doing this is a full on admission of being a sex case. Girls I get it, want to please fans who buy content, but guys cone on ffs!


Seriously, what's with tribute pics!? Do guys really believe that girls find these sexy!? 100% is just creepy and girls tolerate it to keep weirdo fans happy...If you think girls find these hot then nobody else can help you. A girl gets one from a guy she knows abd really fancies


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Am I the only one who finds 'tribute' pics the most sad and embarrassing things ever!? It's like admitting a pic is the closest you get to be to a women because you're still a virgin, but with the added insult of identifying yourself as well. Do they seriously think that girls are turned on by dick pics as well?! Girls be trolling guys hard making them humiliate themselves, it's got to be why the girls ask for them!

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Agree. Tribute pics are weird!

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Obviously they have no experience with sex or even just communicating with women before. I don't like telling anyone what to do just because I don't like or agree with something but I'm this case they really don't seem to get that it makes them look like a lower who's a virgin that is fixated on some girl on the Internet. Why don't they realise that girls aren't turned on by them A and only encourage it to get them to buy new pics so they can do it again. Oh god its embarrassing.

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Last time I shot my load over a pic, must have been around 13 and was my dads porn mag, full of hairy muffs. Just plain vandalism really

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I just think it`s a turn on that the girl in question is comfortable with herself enough that she`s not only not put off by guys liking what they see, but actually enjoys knowing they are. Or are they just having a laugh at our expense.....

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No girls want fans yo buy their pics so plz odd men by 'liking' their fetish no matter how odd to make odd men feel desirable. Anyone who has just spoke to a girl should know how rank/pathetic they find these.

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Am I the only person who thinks that 'tribute' pics are the most sad and embarrassing thing a guy can do online? It's like admitting that you're a virgin who does this because jerking off onto a

'Are you strong?...No....go directly to crossfit! It's ideal for building cardiovascular endurance, or as I like to call it, the ability to loose your gains! It's about learning to move really fast for an hour, it's such a numb

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*its such a humble activity that nobody will even know you work out until you post that you are on your Facebook account!'

Couple new pics up, I finally decided to take the gym seriously and after 2 months I think I've not done bad considering how thin I was before. Also just realised I haven't put a pic up of me with short hair even though it's been cut for ages. Let me know what you think, another 2 months and it's going to be interesting!


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Guys comments of girls pics are such good comedy. Why do they think that most girls like hearing them describing in detail what they want to do to them in bed!? They almost never get a reply, let alone a positive one but still seem to think that they're going to get a reply like 'that's hot! Wana meet up and fuck?'. Don't get me wrong compliments are good, but come on it makes you look like desperate virgins who haven't ever spoken to a girl before!


I just love how smarmy some guys are on this site with their comments. Funny how they always compliment a girls smile in the pics with the most cleavage on show. Come on guys give them some credit at least, they are a lot smarter than you give them credit for. At least choose anything other than the most revealing pic and you might have a shot at coming across as genuine!


Why do guys act so bizarre online and make us all look like a bunch of desperate sex cases? Telling random girls who are strangers to you how nice their tits are, then how big your dick is never gets a 'yeah ok' answer to the next question asking to meet up to fuck so why send it out again to others? Why do they think any girl will say yes, let alone not feel embarrassed for their obvious lack of interacting with womensex to send this stuff out?! Sorry ladies/gay guys, it's not all of us tho!


Hey everyone I lost all my rates and comments when the website changed format the other month so it would really mean a lot if you could take a minute to check my pics out (especially the ones from my adult shoot) and rate/comment if you like them. I'll be happy to return the favour as well. I also lost all my messages incase anyone else though I was ignoring you I wasn't x

Why do guys bother with comments like 'wana swap that for mine?!' (to a pic of a girl with a dildo) or 'I'd love to stick mine right Jo there! :P' at girls bum pics? Despite never getting a reply I see these embarrassing comments loads like they think they will get a reply saying 'yeah ok then let's meet up n screw!' Girls tell me these guys message them similar things and spam them desperate messages/comments asking why they haven't replied. Stop making us boys look like desperate, sad men plz!


Ladies! Pics up from my naughty photoshoot. let me know what you think :P