Hello, CallyDoll here,

I am a part time free-lance glamour/lingerie model - i also cover fetish, cosplay, role-play, beauty and much more

My official fan site is so feel free to nip over have a look around and subscribe :D (Y) support your doll and see me grow.

over 7500 images, over 90+ videos, sex stories, free messenger & loads more.

I love nails, hair, shopping, photo-shoots anything that sparkles, I have an addiction to lingerie and shoes. I am very natural hate the plastic look so what you see is what you get :)

Come say HI I dont bite .... much

Love CallyDoll'x


i have alot you may want to message me to find out
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you tell me :)
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was online today
Verified24, Straight, Female, Barnsley, United Kingdom

not been on for a while but will be on this weekend been so busy with various other stuff. but for now goodnight dolls <3


its a bit of a doll day tomorrow I think :) <3

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can`t beat a bit of `me time` :) hope your toys are ready!

I have a free week off next week & plan on doing lots of naughty things & getting plenty of image sets, photo shoots & videos for you dolls so tell me WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE ??? Tee-hee <3


callydoll uploaded new photos to CallyDoll Advertiment

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My god I am so tired anyone wana come spoon me? maybe get a little forking action too tee-hee <3 had a fair few new members today :D DO YOU WANT A CALLYDOLL DEAL? Mail me for more information

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Can`t believe I`m the only one who liked this xx makes me hard just thinking about it :p

93 new images added guys more on the way including nudes & erotic :) oo and dont forget those videos & pleasure page section too :D


I will be removing and updating across all my pages that I am on i think it's due an update :') Think I should clear out my images too maybe... Keep the best and Wang the rest got far too many images & dont know where i am at lol


and the sin-day sunday begins :O <3 fresh new uploads and much more <3 it feels so nice to just have me time and doll time now :)

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i wana be sinful

hows all the naughty boys today? <3 hate my afters shift at work :( never lets me do anything!!!


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glad its going well for you

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Dont worry I'll be hosting other girls next year like yourself :D just finalising some details etc xx

you naughty naughty guys!! <3 i love it he-he - had a good upload at the weekend added a new naughty video - anal playing he-he <3 and lots of new images oo and a naughty steamy squirt sex story

well i did some retail therapy today started my xmas shopping i cannot wait for XMAS i love it the season!! i just need a boy to spend it with hehe

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Let's go shopping! We can top up your underwear collection ;)

Get my archive image section of my web-site for £5.50 - topless, nudes, large variety of lingerie, fetish, shoots & selfies for just £5.50 for 1 week :D

got pleasure page uploads coming on in the next couple of hours including new videos clips etc - you'll be able to find those over on my youkandy & besinful account too <3