Hello, So I'm Cally also known as CallyDoll.
I'm 22 from Barnsley.
I love nails, shopping, cars, fast cars and being spoilt.
I love Blow jobs and sex in general.
I am a part time free-lance model (any girls want to know/

Love CallyDoll'x


i have alot you may want to message me to find out
Body type:
Dress size:
Bust size:
Waist size:
Best features:
you tell me :)
Ears peirced once

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was online today
Verified22, Bisexual, Female, Barnsley, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

ooo ooo free time yes!! lets have it mm mmm

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Sure we can keep you busy somehow ;) x

omg i just seen something miss callydoll would adore!! since i dont have a boyfriend. it;s a bit expensive but I bet its tons of fun and make me cum everywhere!! 'thrustick penitration robot' £285 :( sob sob best get earning havnt i


What to do this bank holiday Monday. I could do with taking selfies but just not got the drive today grrrr!!!

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Sure you could find a willing volunteer to take them for you ;)x

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If only a could I'd be well in my eliments i need a guy that is good with a camera ha-ha :') xx

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I am good with a camera

eeek!!! i was spoilt last night <3 can't wait to get playful that's for sure!!

whats everyone upto this evening? peoples quiet these days? <3

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Was a stressful day for me watching the football lol

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We arent quiet, we are just too busy thinking of what to do with your thighs

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Decorating :( lol how about you gorgeous? Xx

so..whats everyone doing? I'm so bored ad want spoiling :'( i want to shop :( grrr


ooo 1300 followers only 200 more to go dolls and you can watch miss doll play. Limited offer. Only got till tomorrow @7pm. Goodluck

I totally cannot wait for regular shoots every week :) <3

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It's the bank holiday weekend. If you can all get me to 1500 fans/followers on here & 500 on facebook callydollmodel I will post a naughty playtime video. Something I swore I'd never do. <3


afternoon dolls how is everyone? just setting up cam dates & times now :) for June/July :) <3


God roll on next week when I can do my workouts!! Miss my selfies but shall be back on it shortly dolls thank you for all the support guys <3


is anyone else finding when you try to upload images to a certain album it wont?

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I get this all the time. New albums for one off pics. Very annoying.

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Like & Share my face-book page ' callydollmodel ' to be in the chance to win a Cally Cushion & A3 print. <3

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Shall be in touch with winner via facebook see keep a look out :) <3