Hello everyone :) I'm Cally yes you will remember my name when your done here, im 22years old and loves to have fun fun fun. :) OH BTW im STRIGHT

so if your boring and have so please do check it out!
It was only just launched last month so not much is on there but please do have a wonder/#!/pages/CallyDoll/161730177226381

Well Inbox me if you want to talk im open to anything :) any questions feel free to ask i don't bite. ;)

unless you want me too :)
Much Love


i have alot you may want to message me to find out
Body type:
Dress size:
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Waist size:
Best features:
you tell me :)
Ears peirced once

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was online today
Verified22, Bisexual, Female, Barnsley, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Okay dolls I think I figured this one out.. My webpage should now be acceptable to subscribers - when you head over to my subscription page - you should be redirected to a login page - create a registered account set up your profile and head back to the subscription page to subscribe. :) Enjoy and your print should be on it's way when you hit the pay now button for your desired payment. Note: A3 Print is only provided on weekly and monthly subscriptions.

well dolls you can now register with my webpage callydoll and get your subscriptions started! <3

Thankfully my webpage is now back up and running!!! finally!!! <3


so Santa is coming, what do you want him to bring you from CallyDoll, mail me with what you want from me from Santa


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Well dolls, as you are probs away my site has been down for a couple weeks but i hope to get it all back up and running with new subscription plans for you by the new year <3


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looks like i wont be shooting for a month until 2015. time is taken up so much this month

I will reply to your messages tomorrow dolls, so if there is anything you want to ask etc ask away been one hectic of a day!! stressed doesn't even begin to cover it!!

Webpage gallery is now updated dolls. Fair to say there is plenty to go at <3

well dolls votes so far are quiet obvious how you want the gallery laid out.. as of next week it will be accessible but be some construction. Love ya dolls <3

Cast your vote over at my webpage for the gallery layout changes. Either categories or leave it as it is. your vote counts dolls head over to the 'cally column' on my webpage just search callydoll <3

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oooo 22 new nudes just been added to the 'bare' album over at my site. I think you'll enjoy these dolls he-he <3


Who's up for cam chat this evening? x