Hello, So I'm Cally also known as CallyDoll.
I'm 22 from Barnsley.
I love nails, shopping, cars, fast cars and being spoilt.

I am a part time free-lance model (any girls want to know/

Love CallyDoll'x


i have alot you may want to message me to find out
Body type:
Dress size:
Bust size:
Waist size:
Best features:
you tell me :)
Ears peirced once

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was online this week
Verified22, Bisexual, Female, Barnsley, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I really hungry for you


just hope this week flys by!!

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Hope to see u at pod :p

callydoll's avatar

At pod? X

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Ultimate Street car, santa pod lol x

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why so

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Last week dragged like a birch and I was so bored. Nd Js don't want this week like that lol xx


Just hope the flys week by ;-)

Morning dolls. well last night wasn't pleasant was freezing and didnt feel well. if only i could have been sweating another way lol flaming hot water bottle had to come in handy lol

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Oh I agree there a much better to sweat ;)

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Hope you are feeling better Cally. Sends hugs xxx

So much mail to reply too this weekend <3


mmm might do an august deal over at my webpage

callydoll uploaded new photos to Images1

Morning dollies, finally got my new subscription payment gateway sorted. Now subscriptions are available at callydoll

Propa feeling lost at the moment don't even know what to do. web-page is been an arse lol

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plenty of things to do :)

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what is wrong with your webpage

fell down again grrr suprised I have any knee caps left! needs kisses :(

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xxxxx get better soon xxxxx

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X X X X X X X :)

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Kisses kisses kisses

my god i ache like fuck cud really do with a really good massarge and my back tickling..ill tickle yours too :)

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love to give you one rn xx

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Always on offer, you just gotta accept

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Just your back? I'll tickle everything ;)

had the strangest of dreams the other night..well it was good but weird ha-ha :') <3

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What was it about? :) x

anyone else had a problem with paypal limiting your account because of selling digital images?

I have had such a good day :) everything going well. work, laser lipo, fitness and now doing nails. keeping busy :) <3


New subscriptions are currently down due to pay-pal limitation apparently my site is classed as adult what the actual f's


morning sailors :)

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morning babe, you ok? xxx