Hello, So I'm Cally also known as CallyDoll.
I'm 23 from Barnsley.
I love nails, sex, blow-jobs, anal & shopping, cars, fast cars and being spoilt but I do give back!!

I am a part time free-lance model (any girls want to know feel free to ask, any photographers feel free to mail me.

I do have my very own official fan page which has over 5000 images/videos/sex stories & freebies. My naughty corner come and play with me ;)

Other than that do mail me I love to chat to anyone whos anyone :) about anything. & Enjoy my hive

If you want image sets etc feel free to mail me

Love CallyDoll'x


i have alot you may want to message me to find out
Body type:
Dress size:
Bust size:
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Best features:
you tell me :)
Ears peirced once

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was online today
Verified23, Straight, Female, Barnsley, United Kingdom

oooo why hello new visitors!! Thank you for dropping by my hive everyone... mmm Thinking some free nudes/topless tomorrow :O


Got content loading tomorrow & Monday dolls way over 100 images - plus updates on my playful page & naughty corner :O aint you so lucky!! hope your all having a naughty morning!!

So I had a subscriber today but no idea who it was!! If you can mail me please that would be really helpful so I can get you activated on my web-site

can't we tell you dolls have been paid!! Looks like your all Loving the ULTIMATE monthly plan with access to everything for the month <3 Thanks for all your support once again & your subscriptions :) My subs are one off payments NOT reoccurring just so you know <3


why is there so much flaming lingerie I want :O sob sob!!!


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Well my mail is almost caught up with!! Been so good to see some new faces messages :D <3

Starting a new fresh week next week!! my organization of stuff at the moment is just all over the place :O So many images all over place I can't keep up - shoots, selfies, videos etc more stuff not online yet :O <3

Yay my 2 new sets have finally been approved on here dolls <3


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on shitty afters shift this week. never get anything done :( sob sob. hope to get your mail answered tomorrow dolls. loaded new naughty corner content today :) <3

Good morning my wonderfully naughty dollies!! Im feeling naughty this morning to say the least :O!!

Updates on CallyDoll added 2 new vid to the playful page (Ultimate monthly subscribers) Updated the naughty corner too with a new video & new images <3 come get your subscription for that unlimited content

my naughty corner is available for £10.00 from 25.04.2016 - 28.04.2016 just email dolls and come along and play with your doll <3

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