Hello, CallyDoll here,

I am a part time free-lance glamour/lingerie model - i also cover fetish, cosplay, role-play, beauty and much more

My official fan site is so feel free to nip over have a look around and subscribe :D (Y) support your doll and see me grow.

over 7500 images, over 90+ videos, sex stories, free messenger & loads more.

I love nails, hair, shopping, photo-shoots anything that sparkles, I have an addiction to lingerie and shoes. I am very natural hate the plastic look so what you see is what you get :)

Come say HI I dont bite .... much

Love CallyDoll'x


i have alot you may want to message me to find out
Body type:
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you tell me :)
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was online today
Verified23, Straight, Female, Barnsley, United Kingdom

You all love my Hive so much - You'd worship my web-page all the content your cock needs to satisfy hehe


Shall have more uploads for you soon dolls :O <3


ATTENTION!!! Anybody gets added on KIK via A 'Janesspur' it's a a fake account!!! dont add!! and please report it!! why do they insist on making fake profiles. my ID's Everywhere are CALLYDOLL on everything!!!


Image requests - set of 10 images for £5.00 or set of 20 for £10 anything you want :O <3 mail for details

I have come to realise how unreliable social sites can be in terms of money. I cannot wait till I set up my own for girls to be hosted on and to make their own money from!


callydoll uploaded new photos to Summerp3

Get my Gold membership for £6 today only!!!

mmm feeling crazy horny and i played already today!! i need a boyfriend ffs hmmfff

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wow thats great :D

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Tut tut tut you naughty girl ! Boyfriend of fuckbuddy ? Xx

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mmm how about both :O xx

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How do I apply for that position?

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u need to get your ass to mine haha :P

So flicking through my selfies... so far this year NOT INCLUDING NAUGHTY/web-site pics. I have 543images :O oops


whats it gotta take to get you dolls to come over and just have 1 month subscription on my site?? :P I promise it's worth it :)


callydoll uploaded new photos to Summerp3

Hope your all enjoying the nudes/lingerie/ booty pics new vid and much more <3


Well, those uploads have begun :O <3

almost 2 months now and hunnyhive & hutt.co don't know how to transfer money efficiently enough! & this is why your better off getting my sets personally! just email me for information

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I`m surprised your still here tbh!

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its only coz my dolls are here, and i just love to socialise and stuff a lot of my long time followers are on here <3