Hello, So I'm Cally also known as CallyDoll.
I'm 22 from Barnsley.
I love nails, shopping, cars, fast cars and being spoilt.

I am a part time free-lance model (any girls want to know/

Love CallyDoll'x


i have alot you may want to message me to find out
Body type:
Dress size:
Bust size:
Waist size:
Best features:
you tell me :)
Ears peirced once

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was online this week
Verified23, Straight, Female, Barnsley, United Kingdom

I dont know whats more annoying... not knowing what images are on my site and what arnt or having too many images!!


Ging to be offline a little while dolls as need to focus on getting my site sorted for 2016 but will try to be online sometimes :) <3

Yup!! finally!! so needed that!! roll on my own house im excited give it another year lol :')

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Congratulations hope it all goes well x

Evening dollies, how is everyone this eve? im kind of horny but cant play :(

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Awesome why not lol ? X

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Horny but too tired to be horny lol. You up to much? x

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why can't you play?? :(

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Message me back dolly!xxx

How are all my dolls today?


will be uploading some new images shortly dollies. got to go to my bank this week and find out some details. looks like I shall be doing online direct banking for my webpage now at this rate <3


been back 3 bloody days ive been headbutted one and a bruise on arm from other. fricking rascals they are!! friends pfff lol :')

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Sounds like you need some bandages and some antiseptic, and to get them back xxx

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Hugs. Bby hope u r ok,... How was your holiday.. Hope u had a good time

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lol rough sex will do that to u ;)

you have to be too cute!! god damn it perfection is right there..see it. want it. have it



So....im not sure if my web-page is going to be available before 2016. Which means, I hope to have settled and a stable subscription payment which wont limit me, lots of content and get everything really well and truly done!! So be patient dolls please. During this time I may be available on skype depending <3


was happy to see my friends at work today :') ♡

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No doubt am certain they were very happy to see you too x

my web-page is currently not going to have anything on it due to being under review for the new payment set-up

Im not going to be available for the next 2 weeks dolls so i hope you all have a good 2 weeks!! Time to get things sorted out when I get back!!

It's fair to say I'm totally not happy the fact that my web-page has to be reviewed in order to take subscriptions..This means everything has to be hidden during it's review :(

I hate having so much to do and yet I have no time to do it :( i am hoping when I get back in 2 weeks that everything can come together nicely just in time for xmas