** private content added, go check it out, and let me know what you think!**

Well hello there, my name is Kirsty but most call me Brooke. I am 20. I like taking photos of myself as you might be able to tell =P love dressing up, so if you have any requests for photos let me know! =)

I will try to reply, but sorry if I dont, I get too many messages! xx


Kirsty Brookes
, drinking tea, Reading, Sex?
A very sexy red
5ft 7
Body type:
Athletic i guess, I do lots of Yoga
Bust size:
Best features:
hmm... my personality ;)

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New guy, new video... accepted now ;)

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lucky guy , you are beautiful and incredibly sexy

Been sitting around eating pizza, watching films all day.. today was a good day

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perfect day x

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you are very sexy, you have a very nice ass

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i reckon youd prefer being fucked by me ;)

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doubt it...


brooke18 uploaded new photos to Selfshot Photos

2 new videos just added, one of them is 15 minutes long of pure pleasure! lol, check them out :)


brooke18 uploaded new photos to Selfshot Photos

New anal video added :)


Added my first ever anal video! Should hopefully be accepted soon... if you like it I can do more longer ones, let me know what you think...

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did u love doing anal? ;)

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absolutely amazing :) also a hitachi is a virbrator toy :)

brooke18 uploaded new photos to Selfshot Photos

Wow you guys are loving my new videos :) Will try get some more done then... requests?!

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facial ;)

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Hitachi vid? or anal? :)

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what's a Hitachi video??

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ps, anal done!

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A new squirting video x

As requested, me riding my 9inch dildo video has now been accepted... you think I can take it all?? ;)

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Can you deepthroat 9 inches, that would be impressive?x

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never tried, would like to though!

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Try and upload a photo or vid, that's a skill we want to see x

brooke18 uploaded new photos to Selfshot Photos

Just added one of my favourite private albums... me being forced to be a naked maid, I was so turned on! If I was your maid what would you make me do?? ;)


brooke18 uploaded new photos to Selfshot Photos

new blojob videos approved :) I have kept the price down so you can check out each of them ;) Let me knoe if you have any video requests!


New privates added, met up with a guy I met online and he came over and took control of me ;)

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If you like geeky maybe we should chat, I live near Brighton as well so could always come down if you fancied it. message me

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very hot, thanks for adding them! Hope you`ve seen each other a few times now x

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and how does one apply to be the next lucky guy to ravish you?

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lol, maybe I will sell raffle tickets on here :D x

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that wouldnt be a bad idea, i like a submissive woman ;) x

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