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Bad babysitter
Reading swimming and music
Ask when I'm sat on your face
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was online today
Verified24, Bisexual, Female, United Kingdom

Haven't been on here in forever

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it hasn't changed, you've not missed much... but welcome back anyway :) xx

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Hey you!! Thanks honey ❤️

This week all 7 of my lesbian videos for just £50 ! Inbox me xx


Brand new videos of me and pandabitch.. who wants in ??? All for £100!! Thank you to those who have already spent soo much with us! We're truly blessed!!! Those of you who havent...Inbox me :p


Guys just to let you know, I have a new deal on !!! 10 videos of different things with me and a lad, fingering, licking, sucking dick and fucking and 2 videos of me and pandabitch ALL for £50!!! Inbox me xxx

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how bout being in those vids ;)

Another happy customer


Snapchat on sale right now... One off payment for unlimited nudes, videos and fun times ;)

If you like the picture of me and panda bitch in the pool, why not inbox me and for £40 you can see the videos of what we do when we're wet and in private ;)

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Messaged about this

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Received. Your always wanting to see how naughty I am hehe, never been disappointed though have you ;) xxxx

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No, never disappointed this lady is so sexy and her pics are amazing, double trouble with pandabitch is a winning combo

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Haha I'm glad your enjoying it cutie pie ;) soo glad the videos are sent.. your going to explode !!! xxx

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Want to explode in you baby

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Mmm don't tease me big boy xxx

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amm95 uploaded new photos to Me and my girl pandabitch

Hey guys, I'm sorry for slow replies, as you should know me and pandabitch are in Greece and there was an earthquake last night that terrified us !! And now, after we evacuated our rooms for staff to check everyone was okay, we returned and my purse with all of our spending money has been taken ! I'm absolutely livid !! So if anyone would be good enough to help me out I'd really appreciate it!xxx

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Bad that glad you're fine x

amm95's avatar

Thank you sweetie. Was soo scary xx

Scottishboy88's avatar

Np babe hope you get it sorted, yea does sound it hope you get the money back x

There's no point even trying to upload private photos etc on here, it takes months before they're accepted. This site is going downhill :( so anyone, if your interested I've got 100 photos ready and waiting for £50. Or a deal can be made depending how nice I'm feeling and how charming you are lol ;) I'm to nice to y'all xxxxx


Got loads of pictures ready and waiting to send.. filthy and full of tits and pussy!!


amm95 uploaded new photos to Me :)

Anyone want to see what me and my girl friend get up to in the bath ;) ;)

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Would be more fun with me, you and your girlfriend in that bath ;) xxx

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I don't think we'd fit lol xxx

casper1984's avatar

Id so give it a go ;) xxx

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I want to see what me and you could get upto in the bath babe :P xx

amm95's avatar

Haha cheeky. My bath isn't very big though xxx

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Most girls say that size isn't everything haha. I wouldn't mind being squashed against you, in fact I'd insist :P xxx

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Got new pictures of doggy style.. my man's fav