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Our payment processing company verotel has confirmed they are back up and fully working like normal again, so any credits you buy from now will be updated to your account straight away. If any of you are still waiting for credits from your last purchase please contact us and we will get that sorted for you, thanks! :)


Just to let everyone know, Verotel have had a small issue processing some payments (due to having a huge influx of orders, everyone seems to be in the Christmas spirit!) a few of you have contacted us to tell us the credits you have bought have not been updated to your account. We will update your account manually with the credits asap, anyone else still waiting for credits please send us a message and we will get it sorted for you, thanks! :)

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Sorting out someone elses cock up at 11PM on a Saturday night, congrats guys! You deserve a nice long xmas break!! I can't afford credits, so is there anyway I can submit a special xmas photo to you guys to say thanks?? xx


Hey all! Quick question for you… what are your views on a mobile version of hunnyhive? Do you mainly use hunnyhive on a desktop/you don't mind using the normal site on your phone? Or is a mobile site something you would really love?? Let us know your thoughts!

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An app would be even better for us Apple users!

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app or mobile version would be ace!

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Great idea! It's annoying having to scroll in every direction to look at one page!

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would absolutely love a mobile version

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I would love a mobile version

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90% of the time it's on my mobile

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We are looking to add a webcam option to the site, but want to check if this is something you want? Let us know your thoughts… if you have any recommendations on how you think it should work (ie, allowing credits as tips, fixed rate shows etc), or any features you really want it to have please reply to this directly. Feel free to add “keep private” to your comment and we will not accept it for public view. Thanks!

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I would love to start camming through this. An option to go on cam and recieve tips would be nice. Also being able to tip other profiles/photos in general would be a nice idea (for male and females)...

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tipping profiles/photos is something we have considered... has never been high priority. But if it is something other people want we could bump it up the list.

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I think tipping would be great.

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If our profiles could be tipped then we could offer to upload more public content when we get a specific amount of tips which would be good.

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I started camming this weekend and it's lots of fun! I do free shows where I get tipped 'tokens' to get undressed and I also do private shows where the person pays a specific amount a minute to see me rub myself in oil. I find the free shows more fun than private so would love if you did those and the tips could be credits?

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Yep, our current idea is to go for girls can broadcast free shows and get tips/credits, that way guys only tip when they are happy to, and it should be more fun for the girls. With an option to go private if the girl wants to...

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And we are back! Sorry about the down time yesterday evening, we updated our server to cope with the growing traffic the site is getting, along with a few bug fixes. Should be back to normal now!


Who wants free credits? Until the end of March, you can earn a massive 10 credits for EVERY new confirmed user you invite to the site (a huge 10 times more than normal!). Simply click on “free credits” above and follow the instructions. A few minutes posting some cleverly placed links can get you endless credits, enjoy! :)

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Just made 10 credits, boom!

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I have mine on some forums I post in, anyone know any other good ones to post to??

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I find it hard enough even getting people to look at my profile never mind getting them to sign up haha

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Same here... so I just link to hot girls profiles instead lol ;) I joined a forum and just post links to hot girls in that haha, seems to work!

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Awesome! I will add it to my twitter :) x

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Verotel have now confirmed to us they have fixed any issues they were having, so buying credits should now be back to normal. Thanks again to all of you that got in contact to let us know :)


Thank you to everyone that has told us about the Verotel security page that shows when trying to buy credits. We have spoke to Verotel, they just did something wrong when updating settings, and there is no security risk whatsoever (they are trying to get google to remove the flags now). But in the mean time you are perfectly safe to just click "ignore this warning" when checking out :)


We are running a few updates to the messages at the moment. You might notice your inbox is empty, don't panic your messages will be back soon! :)


hope you like the new hunnyhive updates! If you find any bugs, errors or have any comments about the updates, please reply to this so we can check it out for you...

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ooooooh free credits :D

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Love it <3 x

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Error during trusted photo upload :(

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thanks, that should be fixed now.

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Great idea :) Now to find someone x

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its much better

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Love the site :)


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