My name is Vicky from Lancashire 26 years old


Greeny Blue
5ft 2
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More To Hold
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Verified27, Bisexual, Female, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Few new pics added :) ... Nothing special though really :) x

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Every pic of you is special. Always utterly gorgeous ;) xx

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You're a very special young lady Vicky,great to see you posting again xx

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Everything you post is special Vicky xx

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Love the new pics you look amazing

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Disagree x

VickyVixen uploaded new photos to 2014

New pics JUST added to the folder 2014. Hope you guys like... - 28/6/14

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But after seeing your pics i want more :P xx

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The more of you there is to hold the more i want too :D xx

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Hope you're well Vicky xxxx

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Hope you're well Vicky have a great thursday xx

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You look gorgeous as always x

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Beautiful as always Vicky :) xx

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VickyVixen uploaded new photos to 2014

If i was to do some update pics what would you guys like to see? I dont do nudity. xxx

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Beautiful new pictures thank you for them :) xx

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More of your gorgeous eyes xx

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high heels vicky x and how r u sweety x

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Lots more cleavage. More awesome hair. Loads more of those amazing kissable lips :) x

Happy Valentines day everyone! :) xxx

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Well I'm 3 months late, but what the hell.....Happy Valentines sexy ;) xx

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Happy valentine's gorgeous x

VickyVixen uploaded new photos to 2014

Rate this up if you want to see some new pics.... Might do some tonight :) xx

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Please more sexy pics xx

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you are very stunning :)

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2014 is looking seriously hot! ;) xx

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More pics More pics :P xx

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You are the sexiest woman on here xxxx

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I love the new pics! Looking sexy as always xx

Didnt realise i was missed *blush* new photos just added my lovelys nothing too fancy but enjoy! :) xx

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You've been greatly missed! Pop on over and We'll find out just how much!

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Keep posting girl!

Some more new pics uploaded today :D

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hubba hubba thank you :) x


VickyVixen uploaded new photos to New Photos

Some more new pictures up now :) Enjoy :P


VickyVixen uploaded new photos to My Album