Hiiii :)

My name is Tori, Im 18 years old and just started a course at Exeter University studying History :)

I could talk for England :P
I Hate spiders which a passion, and the white stuff on oranges!!
My biggest fear is fish!! Creepy little buggers
I would love to be a model... please rate me and comment on the photos you like the best :)

Please don't send me perversee messages, thankingg youuu :


Uni Bum
Lots, reading, talking, smiling :) Im quite easily pleased...
Just the right size
Body type:
slimish? got some curves but not too much :P
Dress size:
Bust size:
Best features:
hmmmmm, you tell me

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Premium21, Straight, Female, Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom

Has been a while hunnyhive! How is everyone?? xx

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Bored & horny as always

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Good to see you back. Would be nice to see some new pics xxx

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Any requests? :)


Torii uploaded new photos to Photos

Torii uploaded new photos to Photos

new private video accepted, see my tiny pussy get stretched by my new fuck buddy ;)


Torii uploaded new photos to Photos

Torii uploaded new photos to Photos

Has some requests for bum/underwear shots, just added some in my favourite underwear xx


Torii uploaded new photos to Photos

So as a number of you know, I have a thing for LARGE cocks… it is slowly becoming a bit of an obsession. And as I have only ever slept with my 2 boyfriends before who were both small I am starting to go a bit crazy about wanting to try a big cock. I finally decided to get a BIG dildo to try as a substitute, so I ordered a 8.5x7 inch one, omg it’s huge!! I have been soo horny waiting for it to come, and it finally came… and so did I pretty much just holding it, was so thick!

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Anyway, I had my first try with it (took a long time to get in, but I was so wet it really helped), just holding something so big and feeling it stretch me just felt amazing, I could barely concentrate what I was doing! I did film it, just uploaded it if you are interested (is just a short cut version of a bigger video). I thought it might stop me fantasising being with someone so hung, but I think it has made it worse! Really want to try the real thing now!!

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come to papa x

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Damn that's almost the same size as mine.

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If you're still in the hunt..? ;) x

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Bigger is always better! ;)

Torii uploaded new photos to Photos

Just posted a photo of me wearing the same bra, before and after being on the pill… I didn’t realise how much my boobs grew until I looked through some older photos!


Torii uploaded new photos to Photos

Getting lots of positive feedback on my private albums, glad you like them so much! Be sure to rate/comment on your favourite pics so I know which to do more of!

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omg just got your private albums, your body is amazing, and boobs are just WOW!! So jel.


Torii uploaded new photos to Photos

Oops, pressed the wrong button and deleted a bunch of my pics... will add them up again, along with some new ones. Please rate them as I lost all my rates :(