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Hi everyone sorry I haven't been online in so long! My health is starting to get back on track and my dad should be (fingers crossed) having his last chemo in a few weeks. Things have been very tough that's why I haven't been online. But I am hoping to come back soon to doing cam shows. Don't forget they are £1 a min and it's bank transfer only. I will only be doing them till 3pm 4 days on 2 days off now aswell. I will let you all know when I'm back. Thanks for the messages and kind words xxxxxx

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needless to say i missed u xx


On selling videos till around 9pm tonight so if your interested get in touch ;) xxxx

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Can't wait till you're back! Hope everything is all good with your family! x

Hi everyone, haven't been online again for a while, ive had more bad news as my dad has been diagnosed with blood cancer, my mum was rushed back into hospital and I'm very poorly as well so its not been the best time and as you can imagine Hunnyhive is the last thing on my mind. I dont know when I will be back doing shows so sorry I cant promise anything. Take care xx

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hope everytyhing goes well honey

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Thank you for all the kind messages :) xx

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So sorry for you babe xx

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Wow u got some bad luck,, hope u and ur family get well quick

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Take care! I hope they both get well soon!

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sorry to hear all the abd news hun hope evrything goes well soon xx

Still selling videos all day today so message me if you are interested ;) Cam Shows are back on the 28th also message me if you are interested in them. My mum is starting to get better now so thanks for all the lovely messages etc :) also the kitten is great to shes called Dixie :) xxx


Boiling hot today hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine :) xxxx


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Still here selling naughty videos message me for details. Cam shows are back on the 28th for 4 days so if interested in that message me also. Im not on for long everyday but I will pop on for around 20-30 minutes a day as I am really busy looking after my mum ... oh and also Ive adopted a 10 week old kitten hehe I will upload a picture of her soon so atm im a very busy girl. Lots of love to you all as always :) xxxx

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I hope your mum's ok and your little kitten too xx

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Tomorrow is my last day doing cam shows until the 28th now. I know I was meant to be doing tuesday aswell but my mum has been taken very poorly and as a daughter it is my role to look after her :) I will try and pop on to still sell the videos if anyone would still like them leave me a message asking for details and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please remember cam shows and videos are payment only so please dont waste time if your trying to get it for free lol! cya tomorrow xxxx

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hope so your mum get well soon babe

Would love to get to 2700 fans before the end of next week ;) xxxx


So who wants a cam show or a naughty video? :P xxxx

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how much are the vids x

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Love one

Back starting shows at 12ish today. Message me for details or for details on the sex videos ;) xxxx