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25, United Kingdom


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Hi Leah,

After seeing this picture I would like to personally ask you to be the face of one of the countries on my site. I built this on my own and it has taken me over a year now. I modify it everyday and it is just getting better and better. There are some famous people advertising there now also.

You will get a crazy amount of exposure if you wish or alternatively you can remain anonymous ! You can also of course advertise whatever you want there under your own country.

I hope you consider it. You look fab. Just pick a country without a face and do some pics.

Have a great day and thanks for your time,

ps- if you are the face of a country --- you get an awesome goodie bag...these things are great !

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Your sooo hot!!

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amazing body so photogenic x

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wow!!! please tell me there real ;)


Sooo sexy

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mmmmmmmm ;)

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Wow you got some great titties :P

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be mine :P u are so beautiful x

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mmm could just imagin sliding my cock between them xx

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i want to fuck yuo so badly xx

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Could definately be a glamour model! :P x

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jesus fuckin christ you are gorgeous xx