Nice Scottish guy up for a chat x

Hobbies include Football, Gaming, Reading & Exercise


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was online today
28, Straight, Male, United Kingdom

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The message limit on here is disgraceful! We've less features the worse the site gets wtf!! Improve the site, keep the members signing up then do it


News pics! You girls like? (;

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This sites dead, shame for what used to be a good one, Newbienudes the place to be now

Keep seeing this youkandy on my timeline, good site?

I don't like that the worse the site goes the less free features we have, site should improve before people are expected to pay that's fair


Whats with the limited messages? Its sometimes I could send only 3 a day & it says I've reached the limit for that day

Naughtygirl2579 is the whole sexy package

Cazzbomb's new pics sexy as always

Meganreilly666 got verified with a pic saying sophiaelizabeth, can change username now? Or admins just approving anyone?

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ShannieLeigh the hottest girl in here, stunning!

Naughtygirl2579 stunning arse & tits

Rip Ali ):