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Verified36, Bisexual, Female, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Cam shows seem to be very popular. Who would be interested, what kind of things and what sort of price ? X

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want the chance to win 25 credits? read my profile!

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Watching you masturbate would be great. £1 a minute is a fair price I reckon :) x

happysnappy1's avatar

£2-3/min is usual rate. V interested

oldandbold's avatar

I would be very interested! X

gaz84gaz's avatar

As much as possible for as cheap as possible lol;-)

Offline for a few days but back now ;-) x


What's everyone up to today ;-) x

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Just came home from work, its too hot!! :-/

dhardrock's avatar

melting lol

Itchyfeetrst's avatar

Recovering from a busy one at work with a pint or 2 and a host of pretty ladies. You had a good one hun? xx

Feeling a bit down - who can perk me up?? X

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hey how you doing I can reply back to my message

mrb1's avatar

you perk me up ;-)

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What's up gorgeous xx

PlayfulP's avatar

Feeling a bit poorly and sorry for myself that's all ;-) xx

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and how do we go about doing that? Perhaps a joke?

PlayfulP's avatar

Love a good joke

Need some more photo ideas boys and girls ;-) x

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PlayfulP uploaded new photos to What should I do next?

Looking to update the photos tonight - any suggestions ? X

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some of your sexy ass wearing some sexy heels

Feeling rather old :-(

Itchyfeetrst's avatar

You're gorgeous Aimee. Age is not related to beauty :) And anyway, next to me you're a mere pup ;) xx

mrb1's avatar

stop feeling old and feel me instead x

Fuzzynuts's avatar

Aye agree smokin ass ;)

PlayfulP's avatar

Thank you x

heskeylegend22's avatar

why u feel old sexy xx u look amazing x

PlayfulP's avatar

So many young ones on here x

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It's footie time


Might have to go away for a while but will come back with more photos ;-) let me know what you would like to see


PlayfulP uploaded new photos to What should I do next?

What's everyone up to this long weekend :-)

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waiting for you to upload some new pics sexy lady xx

lonelydonkey's avatar

work unfortunately !! you ??

I more rate for 400. Whose gonna be my 500th? Xx

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when you going to add some new photos

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401 now. Stunning x

Happy valentines :-) x