My names Lucy :)
im a giant - 6 foot :o

genuinely easy going

lets be honest, im here to perv just like you
so get the rude pictures up please guys ;)

comment my pictures
mwah xx


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was online this week
28, Bisexual, Female, Cardiff, United Kingdom

Video is up

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grate work ty hun x

LucyLegs uploaded new photos to me

answering any/all questions i get :) dont be shy!

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how low can you go? ;-) x

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Messaged you hun :) xxx

online for a bit xx


LucyLegs uploaded new photos to me

sorrry ive been gone! but holy shit i have a lot of fans!!

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missed you looking forward to seeing more pics xx

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Welcome back x

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great to see you back! :) x

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Defo xxx


LucyLegs uploaded new photos to me

facebook? /lucyslegs

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Facebook IAN LOUTH

LucyLegs uploaded new photos to me

LucyLegs uploaded new photos to me

LucyLegs uploaded new photos to me

twitter: @Lucy_Legs69

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You half take a good photo, keep up the sexyness your adorable xx

Skype worth getting?

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very pretty i love your pics have you had a good weekend? xx

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Rotorical hunni ;)

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gorgeous babe looking forward to seeing more pics xx

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yeah get Skype beautiful xx

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Depends if you always want to get Harassed to perform on camera haha

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You already have it. Msn and Skype merged.

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When i'm rated higher, i'll upload more

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hows your weekend been? xx

back for now

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back and looking as gorgeous as ever babe loving the new pics! xxx

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glad your back love your pics looking forward to see more xxx

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for good? i hope! gorgeous pics :) x

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nice to see you back ..you staying for good bright eyes?

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any plans for the weekend? xx