My names Lucy :)
im a giant - 6 foot :o

genuinely easy going

lets be honest, im here to perv just like you
so get the rude pictures up please guys ;)

comment my pictures
mwah xx


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was online this week
28, Bisexual, Female, Cardiff, United Kingdom

141 rates? you all earned the new pic :) xx


LucyLegs uploaded new photos to me

6 more likes on my topless pic for 100? wow thank you guys :D

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You look gorgeous in that picture... More please x

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Do you ever use your Twitter x

LucyLegs uploaded new photos to me

there are definitely better women on here than men

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Probably, but you won't see me complaining ;) x

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Probably because you're looking at the boys...

might give that profilestar a go

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I tried it for a couple of days. Not impressed. Makes this site look like a riot of activity.

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What's your Profile Star name? X

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What's that gorgeous?

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so all the "black guys" on here are fakes?

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Just like half of the girls on here then :p

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Is this what you actually think?

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not true! well at least not me x


Video is up

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grate work ty hun x

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answering any/all questions i get :) dont be shy!

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Do you ever masturbate over pics on here? x

Mature image

Kik markbwfc

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how low can you go? ;-) x

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Messaged you hun :) xxx

online for a bit xx


LucyLegs uploaded new photos to me

sorrry ive been gone! but holy shit i have a lot of fans!!

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missed you looking forward to seeing more pics xx

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Welcome back x

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great to see you back! :) x

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Defo xxx


LucyLegs uploaded new photos to me