Hello :) My name is Juni. Im 20 years old. I'm an artist/crafter. I paint, draw, crochet, sew, sculpt, make jewelry and also make zines. If I'm not reading or making something I'm usually on here or hanging out with my friends.

I'm 5ft tall, 100 lbs, and wear a size 34 D.

I have plenty of photosets and videos(ask me about them)
I also do customs.

Caming: My shows sometimes vary due to knowledge of your tastes. (I aim to please!) But in general you can expect a strip tease, a bit of spanking and groping, and watching me tease my clit and stick my fingers inside until i cum for youu. I do have some cute outfits and toys which I can wear upon request. Plus if you have any preferences just let me know ;)
Knowing I'm turning you on and getting you off turns me on emmensly;) i want to make you cum<3

BTW you can buy my number :)


model/cam girl
Crochet, sewing, sculpting, tumblr
Body type:
itty bitty except in the titties
Bust size:
34 D
Best features:
My eyes and breasts
plugs and stick n poke smiley

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Verified21, Bisexual, Female, United States

who ever can gift me a double ended strapon/ feeldoe can watch me fuck my girlfriend with it as much as theyd like <3 Ill also love you foreverrr hehe


find me on my girl fundddd if i dont respond right away here

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What`s ur name on there, I couldn`t find you :(

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I need a sugar daddy


My phone number is up for sale ;P

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Where do I sign!

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inbox me sweety ;)

hanging out with my boyfriend ;)

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Hope you had a good Christmas babe x

how is everyone? been a long time but im back :)

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Good sexy you?

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welcome back, babes :) xx

does anyone even use this site anymore?lol

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You're just too expensive :/

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Think the other models here are putting the bar too low tbh... go to any other site really... lol Considering this may potentially ruin future careers (ex: teachers exposed as former porn stars "asked" to resign) i think we definitely deserve more for what we're putting on the line.

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sometimes lol

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How is everyone?:3

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I'm grrreat! Lol

i like really want pizza...

New video up on mygirlfund! Find me! JuniKat

Doing skype cam shows today! Let me know if youre interested ;)

Doing cam shows today!:3

LilMeowMeow uploaded new photos to faceee

My cam shows are usually $4 a minute but since im dumb and broke my phone you all can save todayyyyy!! $3 a minute. woooo yayyyy yeaaaaa Inbox meee if you're interested :)


accidentally broke my phone today....i want to cry...nothing can go right