Hey, so my name is Verity, AKA- V, Vergy, Vez, Vezza, Ver, Vera, Vernon, Variety, Varsity, u name it...if it starts with a 'V', i've been called it.. I live in a pretty shit village called Rogiet...and have done since i was a nipper..but hey, its kinda cute too, cos a few of my nearest n dearest girls are surrounding me here.

I've just come out of a 4 1/ , cos its just so FUN!!!

I also love to just have ladies who were the best laugh ever-you no who you are bibs'z...;-) i loved it so much im gonna go back end of the Summer cos it was just amazing and pure fun, fun, fun!

And to top it all of IM SINGLE!!!!for the first time EVER really.. So, enough about I Love You I Do xxxxxxx

Smile and have fun cos ya only live once ya see xxxxxxxxxx


I have 2
Body type:
Take a look - How would you describe it?
Dress size:
Short and Sexy ;-) x
Bust size:
Bigger than they were!
Best features:
Smile and My New Titties lol

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27, Bisexual, Female, South Wales, London, United Kingdom

Bikini pics are up! x


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